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Cholestin recently has been reformulated with a unique proprietary blend of ingredients including Lipidol™. Lipidol™ is the result of 12 years of clinical studies and has been shown to be both safe and effective for promoting heart health. This unique, proprietary blend of ingredients works by helping to maintain existing normal cholesterol production in the liver, rather than blocking its absorption.*


• Helps maintain existing normal cholesterol levels*
• Supports normal cardiovascular function*


Who is this for?

Adults looking for a safe, effective, natural method of maintaining normal cholesterol levels.


How does Cholestin help with heart health?

Cholestin supports your cardiovascular system in several ways, including maintaining healthy levels of lipoprotein structural components (such as apoB, an LDL precursor, triglycerides, and cholesterol itself) and providing antioxidant protection to support cardiovascular health*

Where do the ingredients in Cholestin come from?

Citrus polymethoxylated flavonoids are taken from orange peels. Tocotrienols are derived from red palm fruit extract. EPA and DHA essential fatty acids come from the purest cold water fish available. Geraniol is scientifically recreated to function exactly like its natural form found in plants and fruits.

What else can I do to help improve my cholesterol, in addition to taking Cholestin?

There are several ways to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. A few of the most important changes you can make in addition to taking Cholestin are to choose foods low in saturated and/or trans fat, exercise daily, and manage your body weight as recommended.

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