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Bone Formula

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For proper bone health, it's important to consume adequate calcium. During childhood we are able to absorb up to 75% of the calcium we consume, but as growth slows, so does the calcium absorption rate. Teens absorb 20%- 40% of ingested calcium and adults, on average, absorb around 15%. Also, according to UC Berkeley's New Wellness Encyclopedia, American women consume only about half as much calcium as recommended.

No Approved Therapeutic Claims


• Unique combination of nutrients supports three aspects of
healthy bones—bone formation, calcium absorption, and
inhibition of bone loss.*
• Novel sources of calcium and vitamin K for enhanced benefits
not found in other bone health products; these ingredients have
also been shown to support joint and cardiovascular health.*
• Cutting-edge formula based on current research with clinicallysubstantiated levels of bone support nutrients.*
• Bone Formula provides 500 mg of calcium and 400 IU of
vitamin D per daily dose.*


Who is this for?

This product is intended for individuals who want to maintain the
proper structure and function of healthy bones. Adequate calcium
intake is linked to good bone health by slowing bone loss in menopausal or middle age women, persons with a family history of bone
health concerns, and elderly men and women.*


What sources of calcium does Bone Formula provide?

Bone Formula blends three excellent sources of calcium (lithothamnion, calcium malate, and calcium ascorbate). Lithothamnion is a new exciting source of calcium derived from mineralized seaweed that can only be found in certain sub-oceanic locations throughout the world. During its life cycle, this unique seaweed absorbs nutrients from the clear, cold, pollution free, mineral-rich Atlantic waters. This all-natural plant source of minerals contains important levels of key bone nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Calcium malate and calcium ascorbate provide complementary sources of calcium that are bioavailable and well tolerated. Calcium supplementation can promote healthy bone formation in young adults and support healthy bone integrity in the elderly.*

What is the role of vitamin K2 in Bone Formula?

Bone Formula delivers a special form of vitamin K known as menaquinone, or vitamin K2. Studies have shown that K2 is more active than vitamin K1 in maintaining bone health. Vitamin K2 also delivers cardiovascular benefits, a benefit not found in regular vitamin K1.* A recent study investigated the effects of vitamin K1 as compared to vitamin K2 in two European populations; the group that consumed vitamin K2 showed bone health benefits that continued to increase throughout the study, whereas the efficacy of K1 plateaued within a few days.

Why is vitamin D included in Bone Formula?

The role of vitamin D in calcium and bone metabolism is well established. There are a number of clinical trials documenting the benefits of supplemental vitamin D for maintaining normal bone health and calcium metabolism, especially in the elderly. Although vitamin D is produced in the skin upon sunlight exposure, marginal vitamin D status is common—especially in the elderly living in the northern latitudes of the U.S. and Canada. As a result, vitamin D supplementation from multivitamins in the amount of 400 IU daily is recommended.

What is the role of magnesium in Bone Formula?

Magnesium is the second most abundant bone mineral and appears to be as important for bone health as calcium, especially as marginal or inadequate magnesium intake is a significant concern in the U.S. Magnesium is involved in the regulation of calcium transport and metabolism and, as such, assumes a key role in bone formation.

Is Bone Formula safe?

Bone Formula is safe and there are no known adverse reactions when taken at the recommended dosage.

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