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ageLOC®️ Reset [Meta]

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Stress, erratic work hours, poor sleeping habits, and eating on the run are throwing our body chemistry out of sync.

In fact, only 1 in 8 of us has a healthy body chemistry. Body chemistry is the biochemical processes that affect every part of our health. It’s time to rethink what being healthy means.

ageLOC Reset is here to help with a daily dose of scientific support. Backed by seven years of groundbreaking, exclusive-to-Nu Skin research, it’s powered by anthocyanins—natural health-beneficial compounds found in black currant fruit extract, bilberry fruit extract and black rice extract.

This formula features our very own anthocyanin blend, shown to help shift you towards a healthier mode. ageLOC Reset is perfect for today’s hectic world because it helps with the effects of your modern lifestyle when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep.**


Helps support healthy well-being.**
• Helps support your body’s internal biochemical
• Helps improve the antioxidant defense system, reducing oxidative stress.**
• Helps provide healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut.**
• Features ageLOC technology that targets your core body’s internal biochemical processes.**
• Provides our exclusive ageLOC Reset anthocyanin blend, standardized to 215 mg of anthocyanins per serving.


Who is this for?


Is this a weight-loss product?

Definitely not! ageLOC Reset does not cause weightloss, nor does it replace exercise. Instead, it helps supports the benefits of a healthier lifestyle when combined with good nutrition, enough sleep, and regular exercise.**

I’m active, I’m healthy! Why do I need this product?

Think of your health as being a spectrum—with positive choices on one end and less positive on the other, and we’re always moving back and forth within that range. ageLOC Reset can help us in our pursuit of enjoying more time on the healthy side.

What are the benefits of taking ageLOC Reset?

Our years of proprietary research and scientific query have led to the discovery that ageLOC Reset can help reset and shift your body towards a healthier mode.** Combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep, ageLOC Reset helps maintain a healthier well-being.**

Who should take ageLOC Reset?

Our research shows that every adult will benefit from taking ageLOC Reset daily. However, people who are pregnant, lactating, or taking prescription medication should consult with their physician before use.

What kind of research went into ageLOC Reset?

Seven years of our own proprietary research went into formulating ageLOC Reset. We discovered the concept, unlocked the science, and then analyzed different anthocyanin plant extracts to discover which are most effective at supporting certain aspect of your health. From here, we began conducting preclinical and then clinical studies—following our rigorous 6S Quality Process to maintain quality, efficacy, and safety controls throughout every stage, of course. We’re passionate in our pursuit of scientific discoveries that lead to the creation of innovative, high-quality products.

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