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ageLOC®️ R2

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Starting today you can target the sources of aging with the dual action of ageLOC® R2. This powerful product identifies, targets, and resets YGCs to help you feel younger, healthier, and more vibrant. Taken in the evening, ageLOC® R2 Night optimizes each cell’s natural process of purification, helping you start each day feeling refreshed and renewed. Taken in the morning, ageLOC® R2 Day optimizes cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day. Renew and recharge with ageLOC® R2.


• Targets aging at its source.*
• Promotes healthy YGC expression related to cellular
purification and cellular energy production.*
• Helps you feel younger and more vibrant—renewed and
• Promotes three dimensions of vitality that typically
decline with age—physical vigor, mental acuity, and
sexual health.*
à 90% of consumers felt positive changes in fatigue levels
while taking the product or noticed an increase in
fatigue after discontinuing use.2
• Raises and sustains baseline energy levels.*
• Supports the body’s ability to neutralize and remove
cellular waste and toxic byproducts.*
• Helps protect and fortify cells against damage from external
toxins by improving the body’s own protective mechanisms.*
• Helps restore normal cellular function.


Who is this for?

Men and women over the age of 18 who have ever felt tired,
weighed down, sluggish, or the inability to fully engage


How are ageLOC R2 Day and ageLOC R2 Night different from each other, and why is it important to use them together?

ageLOC R2 balances gene expression of two interconnected aspects of youthfulness. First, ageLOC R2 Day resets YGCs related to cellular energy production. Second, ageLOC R2 Night resets YGCs associated with cellular purification. Optimal cell purification rids each cell of toxins and waste that can clutter the intracellular domain and impede cell functions, while cellular energy production provides the energy necessary for this function. ageLOC R2 combines the benefits of cellular purification and cellular energy production to reestablish more youthful functioning cells.

Should I take all the ageLOC R2 capsules at the same time?

ageLOC R2 is designed to be taken on an alternating morning/evening schedule. Take six (6) capsules of ageLOC R2 Day in the morning to support cellular energy production throughout the day. Take two (2) capsules of ageLOC R2Night in the evening to support cellular purification as your body renews itself throughout the night. Both ageLOC R2 Day and ageLOC R2Night may be taken with or without meals.

What research supports the ability of ageLOC R2 to reset youthful gene expression?

ageLOC R2 ingredients were selected using a truly unique and cutting edge process that begins by comparing gene expression patterns to identify specific age-related gene expression changes connected with cellular energy production and cellular purification. Once specific sets of functional related genes were identified, dozens of natural compounds were screened in vivo in laboratory studies. Based on this screening process, we selected only the ingredients that modulated gene expression toward more youthful patterns. This research has been presented at multiple scientific conferences, including the Gordon Research Conference, CoLONGY, and the 1st World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria.

Is ageLOC R2 intended to replace the benefits of LifePak®?

ageLOC R2 does not replace the benefits of LifePak. Although the ability to reset YGCs is optimized in the presence of adequate nutrition, ageLOC products function separately from LifePak products. For optimal YGC resetting and nutritional benefits, ageLOC R2 users should also use the LifePak product of their choice.

Is ageLOC R2 safe for long-term use?

ageLOC R2 targets purification and energy production at the cellular level by resetting YGCs to a more youthful gene expression pattern. Because ageLOC R2 works with the cell’s own purification and energy production systems it is safe for long-term use.

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Customer Reviews

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...ageLOC RESET helps my body shift the effects of stress towards a healthier state!

Spending full days of working from home while being a hands-on mom to two toddlers can be quite a challenge - great thing ageLOC RESET helps my body shift the effects of stress towards a healthier state!

Allain Jimeno
Noticeable effect in my digestion and I have better sleep too.

ageLOC reset will kickstart our way to a healthy lifestyle!

I love Ageloc R2 especially R2 night, it helps me sleep better.

I love Ageloc R2 especially R2 night, it helps me sleep better. In addition, as a positive unexpected side effect, my white eye brows got darker in color again!